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How to choose the pace of running
What is the running pace?
For each person and their physical condition, their own running pace is optimal. The running pace is measured in minutes per kilometer. This is the inverse of the average running speed (km / h).
The pace of running is more convenient to practice than the speed. It is easy to determine it by the current indicators of passing the distance. If you ran 2 km in 12 minutes, then the running pace is 6 min/km. It is also easy to predict the final result: if you run another 3 km, while maintaining the pace, you will run all 5 km in 30 minutes.
You can keep track of your pace with just a watch (if you are running on a stadium or other marked distance), and with the help of special gadgets-fitness trackers, fitness bracelets, sports watches, apps on your phone.
Step Length
How fast you run is determined by the length of your stride and the frequency of your steps. The length of the step for each person is different, and it depends not only on his height and body structure. Simplistically, the length of the step is often determined by the formula: Height x 0.65.
This is for running at a medium pace. For a sprint, the step will be longer, and for a marathon, it will be shorter.

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