We train in the gym with a coach. How to start working in the gym.
What is the benefit of running In the first place, running gives an aerobic load and "accelerates" the metabolism. Regular jogging helps to improve the body's endurance, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. In addition, running: slows down the aging of cells; prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease; supports joint mobility; eliminates obesity; is the prevention of atherosclerosis. In addition to the obvious changes in the body, running also increases stress resistance. Every jog calms the nervous system, helping the stress genes to shut down. In addition, the body receives additional neurochemical "trophies" in the form of endorphin (the hormone of happiness) and dopamine (the hormone of pleasure). Light jogging is shown even to overweight people, because only 20 minutes of physical activity can burn about 300 kcal.
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