Pancake Recipes Perhaps one of the most favorite dishes at all times is pancakes! Even our ancestors cooked them, passing simple pancake recipes from generation to generation. It will not be so easy to count the varieties of this baking today, since they can be prepared in absolutely different ways.

5 secrets of thin pancakes
To make the dough easier to knead, and neat holes appear on the pancakes, use products at room temperature.
Do not add more sugar than indicated in the recipe. Otherwise, the pancakes will burn at the edges and it will be more difficult to turn them over. It is better to serve dessert with sweet topping.
Do not overdo it with kneading the dough. If you beat it too long and hard, the pancakes will turn out stiff.
The dough for thin pancakes should not be thick. But if the pancakes are torn, add 1-2 tablespoons of flour to it.
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